Touring in Europe

Touring in Europe



The motorbike

It is important that the motorbike is prepared prior to a long journey. Ageing boxers are not as prevalent in most countries, and there is longer between the parts. It would be appropriate to assess whether your tires can stand the whole distance. Brand new tires will be the best up to a long trip. Old boxers running with different size than the standard on the newer bikes.


A good set of tools under the seat is a must. Tire levers and pump also belong to the fixed equipment. In addition, spare fuses and bulbs as well as a repair manual. Maybe just a copy of the main pages. That takes up less space. If You have bin a boxerrider for a few years, it's good to think back what you had needed on trips back in time.


Finally, I would say that fortunately is very rare that the solid boxers makes nodes.


Think twice before you go off and have a nice trip.



The gear

When the motorbike is ready, it's time to make a checklist of your gear. The two most important parameters when choosing is low weight and high durability. As I have always camping gear with, I take in the following based on an outfit that includes this. The tent should be waterproof and big enough for all of your gear.

The sleeping bag must fit the climate you want to travel in. Mats are light but bulky. The self-inflating mats fills much, weighs a lot more, but is much more comfortable.

Primus of the simplest kind is often enough. A small gasoline burner is fine as it is always possible to obtain fuel. On the other hand gasoline is dangerous to set fire to! I have used the little blue Camping Gaz International aerosols, that can both drive the lamp and gas stove. These can apparently be obtained in all the countries I have visited in the last 25 years. The latest, at least for me, is the compact Trangia gas burner that fits where the alcohol burner normally sits. I do not know if gas cans for this model is widely used in many countries, but since this burner is incredibly effective, and at the same time very economical, there should be enough room for a couple of cans that could range to even a good long holiday trip. Test consumption before the holiday. I saw it used on my Norwegian tour in 2010 and was very impressed. Do you have a boxer of RS or RT type there is space enough for one or two thermobottles inside the fairing. Those with stainless steel innercylinder is clearly preferable. The rest is a more personal matter. There is not much room to squander in a sidebag.

The last point is when the bike is ready to be packed. Here it is important to get the weight forward on the bike. Especially if you drive with pillion passenger. In my tankbag I save typical photogear and valuables. It is an advantage if the top can be zipped off. Then you bring it with you when necessary to leave your your bike at gas stations and the like. At the bottom pack the heaviest items, such as canned food or drinks. The more weight on the tank, the more stable motorbike. © 2013

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