About boxertouring.dk

About boxertouring.dk


My name is Bjørn Høj Kristensen. I was born in Copenhagen in 1961. Ever since I was on my first interrail trip in 1981, the desire to see what lies behind the next bend of the road, and to have an experience, has remained intact. My first four motorbikes were Japaneese bikes. In 1988 I got my first BMW boxer motorbike, and that kind of motorbike is still my favorite.


It started with four Interrail trips in Southern Europe, along with my first motorbike rides in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Later I was on some longer motorbike trips, of which the longest was 19.000 kilometers in four and a half months, from May to Oktober 1990, and went through 16 countries in Europe. Then it was only for shorter trips, and in 1994 I sold my motorbike. I did some years with short cruises and test rides on borrowed bikes, until I bought back my former BMW R100T with RS fairing in May 2007. In 2009 I added with a BMW R100RT, which is now my preferred motorbike.


In 2010, the foreign tours have resumed, with a motorbike trip in southwestern Norway. I drove along with five other owners and their beautiful boxer machines, a trip from Bergen to Kristiansand, with many detours and so many beautiful views from the mountainous roads.


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Cincerely Bjørn Høj Kristensen, Aarhus, Denmark


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